M.Sc. in Nanomedicine


You may apply for the M.Sc. in Nanomedicine by sending the following documents to nanomed[at]med.uoa[dot]gr.

  1. Application form (to be issued by the Secretariat of the Master Program nanomed[at]med.uoa[dot]gr or downloaded from http://school.med.uoa.gr or http://en.pharm.uoa.gr)
  2. A clear photocopy of identity document (ID) or passport
  3. A clear photocopy of a diploma or a certificate of completion of graduate studies. Regarding diplomas from foreign Universities, they must have been accompanied by a certification issued by the Hellenic NARIC organization (DOATAP, http://www.doatap.gr/en/index.php). The recognition of diploma or certificate of completion of studies by the Hellenic NARIC (which can be submitted by the end of the program) is a precondition for obtaining the MSc degree
  4. Certificate of courses’ analytical grades
  5. Documentation of sufficient knowledge of the English language if needed (at least level B2)
  6. A curriculum vitae, which will include information about the studies, the research and/or professional activity and the scientific record of the Candidate (max. 3 pages)
  7. A motivation letter (max. 1 page)
  8. List of publications in journals or conferences (if any)
  9. Evidence of professional or research activity (if any)



Applications for student candidates can be sent electronically to nanomed[at]med.uoa[dot]gr from Monday 6th May 2019, until Monday 2nd September 2019. The selection process for candidates will be completed from Monday 9th September 2019, until Friday 13th September 2019. The results will be announced on Monday 16th September 2019 and the program will start on Wednesday 2nd October 2019.