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M.Sc. in Nanomedicine


Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies Program


   In the context of strengthening the student-centered educational process, as well as the principles of transparency and accountability, the "Complaints Management Procedure" for postgraduate students of the School of Medicine of the University of Athens has been adopted. This procedure applies to all complaints related to the quality of the educational services provided by the MSc of the School of Medicine.

   The procedure is described as follows:

  • For the recording of complaints and objections of the students of the MSc, the "Complaint Submission Form" is available in electronic form on the website of the MSc "Nanomedicine", which the student fills in.
  • The Academic Advisor, who is appointed or dismissed by the Steering Committee, after examining the complaint, takes all necessary actions and informs the institutions of the MSc.
  • The Academic Advisors who may propose solutions to issues concerning academic, educational or administrative matters. For complaints about the academic process, students must first address the Academic Advisor appointed and then the other institutional bodies of the MSc.

   In any case, it is possible to activate (upon request) the Postgraduate Education Committee of the Faculty of Medicine, to which students can turn to in order to deal with problems they encounter regarding fellow students, etc. Finally, in order to protect the personal data of students, the MSc archives and manages the information concerning their personal data (contact details, register of grades and other personal data) in accordance with the legislation in force.
   The issue of concern to the student is resolved in principle by the Academic Advisor and/or the lecturer of the course in question. If the proposed solution does not satisfy the student, he/she has the right to address the Director of the MSc and, if he/she deems it necessary, to ask for the opinion of the Coordinating Committee. If the decision taken by the Director does not satisfy the student, he/she may submit a request for remedy and the final decision will be taken by the Assembly of the Faculty of Medicine.