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M.Sc. in Nanomedicine


Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies Program

Concerning the organisation of the specific program, this is implemented through its division into three Units, as follows:

Unit 1: Introduction to Nanotechnology

Unit 2: Applications of Nanotechnology in Medicine

Unit 3: Nano-toxicity and Regulatory aspects

Additionaly, each Unit is structured into three courses covering a wide range of topics, starting from the introductory concepts of nanotechnology, continuing with the mechanisms and applications of nanoparticles in medicine and finally leading to the examples of clinically used nanopharmaceuticals and regulatory aspects regarding their clinical use.

064-101: Basic Principles I

064-102: Basic Principles II

064-103: Basic Principles III

064-104: Basic of Nanomedicine

064-105: Basic Applications of Nanotechnology in Therapy

064-106: Theranostics and Regenerative Medicine

064-201: Toxicity Aspects

064-202: Current Nanodrugs

064-203: Ethics and Regulatory Aspects

064-204: Dissertation Thesis

The outline of the aforementioned courses is available for download in the following link, as a PDF file.