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M.Sc. in Nanomedicine


Quality Assurance Policy – Postgraduate Program “Nanomedicine”


                Quality Assurance Policy of the Medical School is fully aligned with the Quality Policy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, making the Medical School fully committed and dedicated to providing high-quality Greek and English higher education to students who choose it, organizing and implementing Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies programs of high academic standards and significant added value, both in Greek and English, in the most important fields and areas of the science of the Medical School. Additionally, the School aims to develop a creative research environment, free scientific expression and work for all staff and members of the academic community.

                The Medical School is committed to implementing the aforementioned quality policy in the MSc program "Nanomedicine", by realizing the procedures for quality control provided by the Quality Assurance Unit (QAU), with the final goal of its continuous improvement. Through this Quality Policy, the academic philosophy and orientation of the aforementioned postgraduate program are strengthened, the purpose and subject of the program are promoted, as well as the implementation of specific goals set annually, while the means and ways of achieving the above are determined and the participation of interested parties in the evaluation and redesign processes is ensured.

                Specifically, in order to implement this policy, the Medical School commits to apply in the aforementioned postgraduate program the procedures/processes of quality that are provided and analyzed in the QAU Manual of the Institution, and are applied at the level of the Programs of the Medical School with the required specialization/specification in the postgraduate program and in close cooperation with the Internal Quality Assurance System of the University (IQAS). All quality assurance processes of the MSc program "Nanomedical" of the Medical School are subject to review, review and revision, which are carried out on an annual basis by the Internal Quality Assurance Team (IQAT), in cooperation with the IQAS of the Institution.

  • The Policy for Quality Assurance of the Postgraduate Program "Nanomedicine" includes specific actions for quality assurance, with the goal of creating a framework within which the aforementioned Postgraduate Program must operate.
  • Allocation and management of resources for the Postgraduate Program "Nanomedicine" through processes that contribute to the best choices in order to achieve the creation of an appropriate environment for achieving the goals of the Institution regarding the provision of the necessary resources in necessary personnel, funding, infrastructure and equipment, so that it can operate and constantly improve its effectiveness in terms of achieving quality goals set.
  • For the setting of Quality Assurance Objectives on an annual basis of the MSc “Nanomedicine” specific measurable and directly observable annual quantitive and qualitive objectives are selected, which are accessed by specific indicators. The achievement of these objectives shall be considered of decisive importance for improving the effectiveness of internal functions of this Postgraduate Program (administrative, educational, research).
  • The Periodic Internal Evaluation and Monitoring on an annual basis of the Postgraduate Program in "Nanomedicine" of the Medical School in collaboration and with the support of the IQAS of the Institution. In the aforementioned program, an internal evaluation and assessment of all processes implemented in it is carried out, so that through the identification of elements and issues for correction the goals set are achieved, with the final result being the improvement of the Postgraduate Program of the Medical School.
  • The Data Collection of Quality: Measurement, Analysis and Improvement of the "Nanomedicine" Postgraduate Program. Effective procedures for collecting and analyzing information related to the aforementioned postgraduate program (student data, teaching staff, course structure and organization, teaching and services provided to students, etc.) are applied and supplied with information from the National Information System for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (NISQUA) of the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education (HAHE) and internal information systems of the Medical School and the NKUA.
  • The Publicizing of Information for the Nanomedical Program: Through a specific process, all information related to the program is made immediately accessible, up-to-date, and presented in a clear and objective manner. The availability of a specialized space on the website of the Medical School for the promotion of the program is checked, as well as the presence of a dedicated bilingual page for it, and the procedures for monitoring and updating the content are also monitored.
  • The External Evaluation of the "Nanomedicine" Master's Program: Procedures for periodic certification by the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education (HAHE) are implemented through external evaluation procedures by an independent committee of experts.


                The implementation of the above procedures ensures a) the appropriateness of the structure and organization of the aforementioned Postgraduate Studies Program of the Medical School b) that the educational results and the resulting competencies of the graduates of the aforementioned program strive to correspond to the highest possible level with the European and National Framework of Higher Education Competencies level 7, c) the promotion of the quality and effectiveness of the teaching work in the aforementioned program of the Medical School through the monitoring of it by the coordinating committee of the program, the IQAT, the management of the Medical School and the IQAS NKUA, d) that the competencies of the teaching staff, particularly those of external associates, are suitable for the education of the postgraduate students, e) the composition, implementation, and review of specific annual quality goals for the improvement of the "Nanomedicine" program. f) The level of demand for the acquired skills of graduates in the job market is evaluated through regular research on the needs of the job market and monitoring the progress of graduates of the Postgraduate Program. g) The supportive services provided to postgraduate students - including People with Special Needs - are of high quality and meet their needs for effective monitoring, such as easily accessible and available administrative services and libraries, online services, scholarships, and student welfare services suitable for the Postgraduate Program. h) the efficient utilization of the financial resources of the Postgraduate Program that come from tuition fees in order to provide the necessary services to the postgraduate students and to facilitate the operation of the programs in the facilities of the Medical School as well as in everything else that is required, e.g. on-site visits to places outside the Department for their comprehensive training. i) carrying out the annual internal evaluation and review of the quality assurance system for the Postgraduate Program with the cooperation of IQAT and IQAS of the Foundation.

The Quality Policy followed by the Postgraduate Program is communicated electronically (via e-mail), at the beginning of each academic year to the members of the teaching, administrative and technical staff employed in the Postgraduate Program, and at the beginning of each cycle of implementation of the Postgraduate Program to the newly admitted students.

The academic quality assurance policy is available for download in the following link, as a PDF file.